Talisman / 6.1.19


Talisman // A parable of celebration and farewell

The initial spark for this piece happened upon hearing the news that my Grandfather was in the hospital for surgery following a stroke. Writing this song was ultimately a coping mechanism, knowing soon it would be time to say goodbye. I wanted this song to take on a spirit that may help with the grieving process by bringing emotions to the surface.

There’s a balance in play between the spectrum of sadness and joy. I didn’t want this song to dwell uncomfortably in melancholy and sorrow. Instead, focusing on cherishment and celebration, reminiscing in fond memories and being grateful for all the little things.

I am thankful to have played this piece for my Grandfather on his last day.

Dedicated to my family. Written in memory of my Grandfather, John Wylie.

Moments / 2.13.19

The sophomore album, ​Moments,​ is set to release February 13th, 2019 - on Mark’s 26th birthday. Composing for the album took place over the course of 2017 during significant personal moments that Mark encapsulated with Music. Each song with a unique emotional fingerprint, with its own story to tell.

Moments’ ​reveals a sonic landscape and transports the listener to its ambient habitat.
This record showcases Mark’s synergy of jazz, classical and metal guitar styles. Mark introduces his digital-hybrid orchestra, a rotating cast of synthesizers, sequenced percussion, woodwinds, strings and field recordings.

Mark has developed an intriguing live show production for the ​Moments ​release that defies audience’s expectations when they see one man with a guitar. Taking studio magic to the stage, Mark delivers the power of a symphony as a soloist. This innovative technique redefines the boundaries of solo guitar performance.

Anthology 2018

Mark Wylie 2

A chronology of my compositions spanning throughout the year. A cathartic expression of experiences, emotions and challenges encountered. This is my outlet for all the love, pain, hope, fear, joy and sorrow endured. These songs were a gift to me, each at a special time, and now I'm pleased to share them.

Dedicated to my family & friends.

A Summer's Journey

A Summer's Journey is an eclectic 14-minute epic inspired by my travel experiences to Australia & New Zealand with my brother Tom. I captured travel footage documenting the adventures and composed this piece as accompaniment.

Detour / 12.28.16

Detour is a journey through the thoughts and emotions of composer Mark Wylie as he explores and discovers new terrain with his instrument. The album was composed and produced throughout the month of November 2016 and in many ways is a departure from previous works. Reflecting his Canadian heritage, Mark combines various cultural aesthetics that result in musical diversity from track to track. Throughout the album, Mark integrates traditional acoustic guitar playing with contemporary electronic synthesis to push the limits of what the instrument is capable of achieving sonically. All sounds you hear on the album were made with one acoustic guitar and digital production techniques.


Mark Wylie is an electro-acoustic solo guitarist based in Whitby, Ontario.

Creating charming ambient scenes with his fingerstyle guitar playing, Mark welcomes audiences to his sonic universe. Mark’s heart centered compositions share a deep emotional honesty that sparks an inward journey for listeners. Sourcing inspiration from the beauty around him, Mark’s music is interwoven with the sounds of nature, often taking cue from the songs of birds, the flow of running water or the rush of air between the trees.

The sophomore album release of ​Moments​ illustrates Mark’s diverse and eclectic range as a performer, composer and producer. In supporting Ontario tour dates through March 2019, Mark premiered his innovative approach to solo guitar performance. Taking studio magic to the stage front, Mark’s live production delivers the power of a symphony as a soloist.

Mark Wylie is a Berklee College of Music graduate and a dedicated Music teacher working across the GTA.