The progressive-metal sophomore album epic now available

Infinite Friend is a concept record exploring life, death, afterlife and rebirth. The album was composed devotionally for God & Guru, inspired deeply by Yoga philosophy and by the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda. The Music explores the turbulent sufferings of the human experience and the tranquil serenity of our inherent divinity, offering listeners a bridge between physical and astral worlds. The record seeks a balance between catapulting listeners into the abyss and rescuing them on a magic carpet of bliss.

The writing process for Infinite Friend was performed in stream-of-consciousness fashion. For several weeks the album was written, recorded and mixed concurrently by tapping into a continuous flow state, allowing a channel of flowing energy to influence Music making decisions.

The album features guest soloists Matthew Souiad (saxophone & flute), Louis Patrick (trumpet) and was mastered by Phillip Self.

Infinite Friend is the album I’ve been trying to write for the past 5 years - a culmination of all my previous works packed into one long-play format record. The concept for the album was inspired deeply by yoga philosophy and follows a main character’s arc from; rebirth on Earth, dealing with the friction of life, achieving progressively higher states of consciousness and ultimately conquering death through soul liberation.
The Music presents varying degrees of sonic tension and tonal colours to illustrate the narrative of the soul’s experience in the human form. The predominant texture of metal rhythm guitars are widely used to present the physical dimension - crude, visceral, ephemeral. The use of ambient tones and kaleidoscopic harmony create a landscape for lead passages to express astral phenomenon and energy in motion. Interlude tracks embedded throughout the album featured the use of Indian/Hindustani inspired instrumentation to give nod to the origins of yoga and meditation techniques - like checkpoints in the evolution of the character. There are plenty of odd time signatures used in efforts of creating a mesmerizing, fractal-geometry like effect with rhythm. The artwork for the album captures various motifs in the music; the subtle heptagon of wings for the aforementioned odd number elements, polarity in nature, mortality and transcendence.