Anthology Series

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Another year, another anthology! The song's on this years Anthology are featured in chronological order they were recorded, highlighting the journey of my year through these compositions.

This year featured a monumental life change, the birth of my daughter Maeve. Leading up to the big event, combining some nervous anticipation and seizing the day of full night sleeps and unlimited 'me' time, I experience the most fruitful creative period of my career. For a span of 2 or 3 weeks, on average I was completing a song every day and a half.

The cogs in the machine started to get rusty (repetitive, stale) after writing Mosaic. The pendulum swung into the metal direction, of which I chose to feature 4 songs here (down the hatch being written the day before she went... down the hatch so to speak).

Closing the album out are 5 solo guitar recordings. These were technically composed throughout the year, but I only recorded them late November to catalogue them as part of this years collection. I think in these last 5 songs is the essence of Maeve's influence on my music and what being a dad feels like in my musical words.

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Well here we are, another year past and another batch of songs to catalogue. These sonic photographs are the raw representation of my musical output. Historically these songs never make their way on an official release, so instead they land in these Anthology album series for anyone interested in sifting through the debris for gems.

The "A-side" consists of 7 songs from my acoustic collection - lighter tales written for solo guitar, usually composed while in the Muskoka's on holidays throughout the year.

The "B-side" is usually the polar opposite (can't have the light without the darkness, right?). These compositions primarily use the 'metal' medium to express whatever variety of emotional/philosophical complexities I am playing with on a week-to-week basis.

Album is available for download as 'name your price'.


I decided to take a minimalist approach and curated 5 special songs to feature in this years catalogue, for reasons I shall elaborate on below! Looking back on this year, 2020 was the perfect opportunity to reverse the searchlights within, to slow things down and focus on what really matters.

At the start of the year I took some time away from music in order to rediscover my relationship with it. The process of creating music is the easy part. The process of releasing/marketing/promoting the music on the other hand is when the ego likes to get its grubby fingers all over this thing that was pure expression and twist it into something its not. I went searching for answers on a way to get around this loophole, a way to conquer the ego in a way that my identity wasn’t a byproduct of the result of creation.

What I’ve gathered so far is to surrender to the process, dedicate all actions with devotion and leave the rest. Plant a flower for its fragrance, not for the fruits it may grow.

The album cover is a photo of Cooper Lake circa 1970 I believe. My great-aunt Maureen unearthed some old family photos dating back around the time my great-grandfather settled in Dwight. I loved this particular photo, and fits perfectly with the vibe and intentions of the music on the album.

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A mirror into my year through sound. A looking glass through which I channel discoveries, experiences and emotions.

After a brief pre-order period, the album be made available as PWYC (pay what you can) to encourage as many supporters to make contributions. I will be donating 50% of the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

I shift musical phases sporadically, usually after an extended period in one genre, results in the pendulum swinging toward something radically different. Works include solo fingerstyle guitar, ambient/new age, progressive metal, jazz fusion, world and experimental/avant-garde compositions.

I decided this year to keep the track list in alphabetically order instead of chronologically, the flow ended up working out nicely!


A chronology of my compositions spanning throughout the year. A cathartic expression of experiences, emotions and challenges encountered. This is my outlet for all the love, pain, hope, fear, joy and sorrow endured. These songs were a gift to me, each at a special time, and now I'm pleased to share them.