Mark Wylie is part of the new generation of progressive guitarists devoted to pushing genre boundaries and challenging sonic expectations on the instrument. Mark records, programs and produces every element, creating a personal and unified musical world. Like a mansion with many rooms, Mark’s music has complex techniques and wide ranging artistic influences that are displayed through choice use of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic mediums.

On Mark's new EP, Noumena, listeners are guided into a variety of sonic terrain and orchestrations. It gets dark and ugly with textures you’d expect from a progressive metal release, but is balanced with light and ethereal tones by the use of synthesized and acoustic instruments. On any given turn, you are faced with odd meter rhythmic convulsions, melodic-fusion lead passages, overtones of Indian Classical music and cinematic orchestral atmospheres.

noumena with text

Release date: December 1st, 2023

1. Aurora (4:36)
2. Eterna (6:38)
3. Ganglia (7:19)
4. Mammalia (8:36)
5. Last Life (6:38)
Album length: 34 minutes

Album credits:
Guitars, Production, Mix: Mark Wylie
Master: Luc Chiasson
Artwork: Midjourney
Member of SOCAN
Canadian Content (MAPL)

The Noumena EP seeks to explore the sole essence of all things, the Substance that gives rise to phenomenal creation. Each song is an exploration into this theme; Aurora (light), Eterna (time), Ganglia (knowledge via sensory instruments), Mammalia (evolution), and Last Life (reincarnation, immortality).