A portal was opened, from which flowed an energetic signature of origin one can’t say for certain. The emanations flowed into this being, conjuring the sonic narrative that is the Fable EP. A construct of pure imagination, this musical mythos is an expression of the physical universe and a reflection of the soul.

Fable EP is a visionary deep-dive into the psyche of guitarist & composer Mark Wylie. Following up the emotionally-charged sophomore record, Moments, the next chapter in the saga focuses on the exploration of new grounds. With the Fable EP, we see an evolution of Mark’s orchestral inventions and are reintroduced to the sound turbine through which funnels all compositional devices. The writing process began at the turn of the new year, spanning merely 5 days in an intense flood of consciousness.

Interwoven sounds of nature and land’s heartbeat create the bedrock from which the music blooms. Ambient fractals dance in constant orbit around the cascading force of the acoustic guitar. A fabled passageway through the wilderness, destined towards a kingdom within.