Moonlight / Hide and Seek


Embark on a journey through celestial ripples, riding the tides of emanating echoes. Rays of luminous vibrations conducted by the acoustic guitar act as a beacon for the tandem forces. Primordial, yet ethereal, the grounding elements of drums harken to our tribal instinct while the currents of sound synthesis wash over us alluding to traces of the astral spheres. A distilled sense of spiritual yearning paves way for these healing sounds, a convalescence for the soul.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, Mark returns with a pair of singles from his archives. Pillars of Mark’s sound signature remain true; Zen-like guitar passages, ceremonial orchestral layers, lucid ambient soundscapes and the sound of spirit drums.

Moonlight and Hide & Seek were composed respectively during Full Moon cycles. A scribe for the Cosmic Vibrations, Mark cannot take all the credit for the sounds you hear. A process achieved by entering a trance-like state of one-pointed awareness, becoming equal part passenger, equal part composer. Each song features words of wisdom from Alan Watts, mantras for the Spirit seekers and embers of truth to spark the fires of realization.